respecting the value of our local trees
Repurposing our local trees into mulch, firewood, topsoil, and live-edge slabs for the community to use and enjoy.
Mulch is a protective layer of material spread over soil to retain moisture, suppress weeds, moderate soil temperature, and enhance overall plant health.
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Seasoned firewood is dried wood that has been allowed to naturally reduce its moisture content, making it more efficient and effective for burning in fires.
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Live edge slabs are wooden planks cut from a tree with the natural edge of the wood preserved, providing a rustic and organic appearance to furniture or decorative pieces.
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Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, rich in nutrients and organic matter, crucial for plant growth.
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Wonderful experience getting mulch! Great communication and customer service. Color has lasted! When we need more, we will be back!
Jamie T.
Kudus to the bros! I recently had a truckload of mulch delivered
and have say I was very happy. The mulch was of really good quality, nice size, aged well, and was a mixture of different woods. They were on time and reasonable. Nice job!
Mary C
Sourcing Locally, Serving Locally
Respecting the value of our local trees.
The beauty and value of our urban forest is often overlooked. Our TreeCycle facility intends to be a resource for our community to help appreciate the value of our local trees. We are now open to provide our community with a place where our trees can be disposed of and repurposed into mulch, firewood, topsoil, and live-edge slabs.